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Explore why Gyde is the Complete Digital Adoption Solution with the fastest time-to-value

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#User onboarding

Make Your First Impression Count

Your users can easily find features and navigate your app as if they are experts, allowing them to get the most out of it at the very start of their journey. Cut through the complexity of your product

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See why your users quit – before they do

Find out which areas of your app your users struggle with and eliminate them outright so that your users can utilise your product efficiently. Put an end to unsatisfied users and reduce churn.

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Help When and Where it Counts

It is much easier for your users to get up and running when tutorials and tips are readily available whenever they need them. Improve user experience and reduce support and help desk calls.

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Any Language, Any Platform

By creating localized guides and walkthroughs in your user's native language, you can demonstrate your app to anyone and get more engagement. Opens up your app to a broader audience

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#In-app announcements

Get Noticed Motivate Users to action

You can easily create announcements to showcase new features, add them to any part of your app when users first log in or promote your in-app upgrade opportunities. Stay on top of the competition!

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#Code free

Guided by Humans, not Code

You can focus on building a great user experience without worrying about writing the code to make it happen. You can create step-by-step walkthroughs and embed them into your app in minutes. Maximize your time and money

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#User segmentation

Make your product feel personal

Target your in-app communications based on your customer segmentation and individual needs. Each user attains their specific app goals with personalized guidance. Make users feel unique by adding a personal touch!

How Gyde Delivers Growth

Reduction in support tickets
Increase in customer retention
Improvement in features adoption
Boost in user engagement
Growth in App Upgrades

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