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Story Of GYDE

Gyde was born out of hours and months of ideation by founders - Prasanna Vaidya & Shubham Deshmukh, their mentors, advisors and early adopters. We were all overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications being launched & purchased and the struggle it was causing for the users to learn & use these myriad applications. We had a common conviction that there had to be a simple yet powerful way to help the software application users to figure out how the application works and how to become good at using it. At the same time, existing solutions were too rigid and lacked intelligence. Gyde was conceptualized as a faster, simpler, and intelligent way to solve this problem at scale.

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Our Core Values

The Gyde value system rests on 4 pillars - Customers, Technology, Simplicity & Community. Customers validate us. Technology empowers us. Simplicity motivates us. And Community is the underlying purpose that drives us.

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Customer Obsession & Growth

We are obsessed over customers. Customers is the most important stakeholder for us in our journey & we believe we can grow when we listen to our customers, & help them by going out of our way.

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Technology & Innovation

We look at any problem, situation from the eye of a technologist. It's our focus to innovate & make things better, faster, scalable for our entire ecosystem.

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Simplicity & Privacy

Complicated things trouble us as users & we move mountains to make things as simple as possible for our users, but NEVER compromising on their privacy.

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Community & Diversity

We believe in a world where it feels natural to work with the community & pay it forward! People from all walks of life are treated equally & presented with immense opportunities around.

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The GYDE Squad

Prasanna Vaidya's Photo

Prasanna Vaidya

CEO & Co-Founder

Shubham Deshmukh's Photo

Shubham Deshmukh

CTO & Co-Founder

Amit Singh Bhadoria's Photo

Amit Singh Bhadoria

Product Engineering

Shivani Bakhetia's Photo

Shivani Bakhetia

Customer Success

Suchitra Swain's Photo

Suchitra Swain

Product Engineering

Daminee Laulkar's Photo

Daminee Laulkar

Sales & Marketing

Apansula Sharma's Photo

Apansula Sharma

Business Development

Shobit Gupta's Photo

Shobit Gupta

Digital Marketing

Amartya Garg's Photo

Amartya Garg

Digital Adoption Consultant

Vidya's Photo

Vidya Mandhare

Customer Success


Investors and Advisors

Shubham Deshmukh's Photo

Ashish Achrekar

Founder, Rica Analytics


Vaibhav Domkundwar's Photo

Vaibhav Domkundwar

Founder, Better Capital


Amit Singh Bhadoria's Photo

Aruna Dorai


Bas Peters's Photo

Bas Peters

Business Strategy Advisor


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