How can Artificial Intelligence (ChatGPT) change Organizational Training and Development?

In this webinar, we bring together experts to share their insights and guide you on how you can leverage not only ChatGPT but other Artificial Intelligence tools to enhance your training programs, improve employee skills, and drive business metrics for your organization.

How to improve CRM usage in 2023?

To make sales processes more agile, CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is essential. But adapting and implementing CRM at the right level proves to be the most challenging part.

How HR Digital Transformation Can Change the Hybrid Workplace in 2022

In this webinar, experts will discuss HR digital transformation in practice and provide examples of how companies successfully implement this change.

The Future Of Digital Adoption In Healthcare (And How To Prepare For It)

How well users adopt a platform is a key factor in determining the value of an enterprise application. Most often, application adoption does not just involve training, but also the methods used to train end users and provide support, which can boost user productivity.

by Prasanna Vaidya
Digital adoption for BFSI: A sure-fire way to maximize the ROI

Overcome the difficulties of employee and customer-facing applications onboarding and training. This webinar will cover how to accelerate the adoption of employee & customer-facing applications in the BFSI sector and much more.

by Prasanna Vaidya
User Adoption Strategies to Help You Grow Your SaaS Business in 2022

Can you imagine a 'Not so Secret' recipe of higher user retention and lower churn rates for your SAAS product? Join us to discover tried-and-true user adoption strategies to grow your SaaS business, convert more trial users into paying customers, and keep them for the long haul.

by Prasanna Vaidya