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What is Gyde?

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How Gyde Helps?

Onboarding and Training
#Onboarding and Training

Onboard your product users like a pro!

The very first application interactions decide how well and how much the users adopt it. A simpler, step-by-step walkthrough makes these interactions smooth, they help users learn your applications quickly.

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Boost Adoption
#Boost Adoption

Drive adoption with self-serve help!

The real time guidance, the walkthroughs & the interactive videos self-serve the help an application user needs. They will learn faster, imbibe your product features & become more productive.

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Contextual Help
#Contextualise Help

Offer help specific to the user roles!

Each kind will have a different use of your application. Generalised help articles end up serving no one. Instead, offer role specific, contextualised help to your users. Make their lives easier.

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Analyse Usage
#Analyse Usage

Know their struggle, offer them help!

Insights and analytics will let you know exactly where your users are struggling. Now that you know their pain points, you can find better communication and simplify the user interface accordingly.

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Help Global Users
#Help Global Users

Break the language barriers while helping your users!

The multi-lingual support of Gyde will help your users in their own languages. The help texts and voice overs can be fashioned in the language of their own choice.

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