How does it work?

Powerful kit to create, organize and deliver user guides.
  • Process Walkthroughs
  • Automated Voice
  • Sharable Videos
  • Contextual FAQs
  • Usage Profile
  • Smart Actions

Process Walkthroughs

Easily explain comprehensive processes within your application in a step by step manner by creating process walkthroughs.

Automated Voice

Voice adds a new dimension to the interaction. Explain workflows/processes with automated voiceover. Select the accent you like - there are a bunch of them! :)

Sharable Videos

Small snippets are easy to consume. Instead of sharing lengthy static user manuals, share short video snippets of the processes.

Contextual FAQs

More content means more confusion! Show the most relevant FAQs when users need the most!

Usage Profile

Don't know how users are using the application? Gyde will tell you what & when so that you know exactly what is been getting used & what remains in a silo.

Smart Actions

Are your features hidden in the complex navigation? Use Smart Actions to make them available from anywhere within the app so that users don't have to keep looking.

Use Cases

Gyde helps to revamp your onboarding, training, and change management. Don't let your users to stuck at any time.


When users use your app for the first time, they need assistance. They need Gyde! With onboarding checklists, handhold them.

Interactive Training

Are you still conducting training with PPTs & slideshows? Gyde offers a new interactive way of training users on a real application.

Customer Success

With Gyde, your support team is expected to receive at least 30% fewer calls as most of the help is delivered via Gyde.

App Analytics

Google Analytics tells you which pages are viewed. Gyde tells you the actual progress your users have made.

How to Use Gyde?

Setup & integrate Gyde within minutes! Not Days {Code Free}.

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