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Can you imagine a 'Not so Secret' recipe of higher user retention and lower churn rates for your SAAS product? Join us to discover tried-and-true user adoption strategies to grow your SaaS business, convert more trial users into paying customers, and keep them for the long haul.

Get a definitive answer to these questions

  • What exactly is user adoption?
  • What is the significance of user adoption in SaaS?
  • What are effective techniques for user adoption?
  • How can you discover the sweet spot in user adoption?
  • How do you assess the success of user adoption?



Eropa Stein, CEO & Founder of Hyre

A leading business coach for optimizing and innovating the SaaS industry with user adoption.


Matthew Lloyd, CXO of Wurkr

An outstanding Customer Success Expert in transforming the way how customers experience a SaaS product.


Prasanna Vaidya, CEO & Co-Founder of Gyde

An Artificial Intelligence Guru who is spawning a revolution of user adoption in the SaaS industry with AI