Access follow-on tasks

  1. Navigate to Compliance > My Follow On Tasks . The list contains all active follow-on tasks assigned to the logged in user. Figure 1. Follow-on Task My Work
  3. Open a task.The record shows the specifics of the task, the task activity, and the failedaudit results. Figure 2. Follow-on Task
  5. Open records from the Audit Results related list to see each discrepancy. Figure 3. Audit Result Detail
  7. Go to the CI named in the record and perform the work to bring it into compliance.
  8. Update the State field in the follow-on task record and add work notes as you correct each discrepancy.When you change the state, the system updates the task activity appropriately. Figure 4. Follow-on Task Activity When the task is Closed Complete it no longer appearson the My Work list.

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