Why use a reverse proxy with OutSystems?

  1. Reduce the Load on the Application Servers. Reverse proxies have the ability to compress and cache content, encrypt data (HTTPS), relieving these tasks from the application server.
  2. Increased security and traceability With all the application traffic passing through the reverse proxy, logging, authentication and access control can be configured and managed in a centralized place. It also prevents Internet exposure of application servers, protecting them from vulnerabilities the servers might have in other software or services.
  3. Ensure High Availability Reverse proxies can support high-availability methods. This will allow you to eliminate downtime. In an OutSystems farm scenario, there are multiple application servers. The reverse proxy will then enforce a load balancing technique like round-robin to distribute the load among the servers in the cluster. When a server goes down for maintenance, the system will automatically fail over to the next server in the round-robin sequence keeping the applications available.

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