How to open multiple files simultaneously

  1. Use Control and Mouse Left-Click together to add the clicked file to your selection
  2. Use Shift and Mouse Left-Click to select all files between the last file you previously selected and the clicked file
  3. Use Control, Shift and Mouse Left-Click to add to your previous selection all files from the last file you previously selected to the clicked file

Move Controller and Front-end roles to a different server

  1. In .NET stack, open the Services management console and operate on the service Out Systems Deployment Controller Service.
  2. In Java stack, use command service outsystems stop CONTROLLER followed by disabling of the service with ./ -interactive

When to install a new build

  1. The configurations for a mobile platform were changed
  2. The Extensibility Configurations property was changed, for eg., modification, addition or removal of mobile plugins, changes to status bar opacity, custom icons or splash screens, etc
  3. an external resource of the plugin was updated
  4. Name of Application was changed
  5. Name of the entry module changed or there were changes in Entry Module itself
  6. icon of the application was replaced
  7. main theme color of the application was modified

Add an Extension Reference to Your Module

  1. Launch Service Studio followed by opening your module;
  2. Connect to the Platform Server where the extension was published. Simply use the Select server operation in the File menu or Toolbar;
  3. Launch the Add/Remove References window that are available in the File menu or in the Toolbar and then select the extension that you want to use;
  4. Select the actions, structures, or entities from the window and press the OK button.

How to remove a watch

  1. Use Mouse Right-click on the watched element in the Watches tab.
  2. Click on the option "Remove Watch" in the pop-up menu.

How to add a certificate to the environments

  1. Go to the Application Gateway Details for the current environment.
  2. From the Settings menu, select Listeners.
  3. Select "appGatewayHttpsListener".
  4. To add a new certificate, upload the .pfx file with the name of your choice and password.

How to create the REST API Method

  1. Right-click your REST API and choose Add REST API Method.
  2. Give a name to your REST API method such as GetCustomerData, AddCustomer, UpdatePaymentMethod.
  3. Set the HTTP Method property corresponding to the action your method will perform: GET – Read POST – Create PUT – Update DELETE – Delete
  4. Write the method as an action that fetches or transforms the data you need. Examples: GetCustomerData will return the data of the particular customer such as Customer Name, Customer Address, Customer ID.

Create a database table from an Excel file

  1. Description.
  2. Due Date.
  3. Is Active.