Copy and alter the existing theme

  1. Go to Settings> Customization.
  2. Choose Themes, and then choose Dynamics 365 Default Theme.

Step seven: Import your data

  1. Import the contacts.
  2. Import the accounts, leads, or other data.

Default global toolbar

  1. Search.
  2. Create.
  3. Settings.
  4. Presence.

Edit a LinkedIn lead matching strategy

  1. Go to Settings > LinkedIn Lead Gen > Lead Matching Strategies .
  2. select the matching strategy that you want to edit in the list,
  3. To add an additional LinkedIn field mapping record, select, Add and enter the name of the LinkedIn member field.
  4. To remove a LinkedIn field mapping record, select and Delete .

Implement Field Service

  1. General Field Service implementation best practices (YouTube).

Create an account

  1. Go to Sales> Accounts.
  2. Choose New.
  3. Fill in your information. Use the handy tool tips as a guide.
  4. click on Save.

Edit the LinkedIn field mapping

  1. Go to Settings> LinkedIn Lead Gen> Lead Field Mappings.
  2. Select the field mapping that you want to change and then click Edit.
  3. Change the mapping or rename the field mapping and then select on Save in order to apply your changes.

Deactivate or delete a connection

  1. Open the record that you want to deactivate or delete the connection from.
  2. click on the related records drop-down menu next to the record name, and then click on Connections.
  3. Select the connection that you want to deactivate or delete, and then click on Deactivate or Delete depending on the requirement.

Create a new template from scratch

  1. Go to Marketing> Templates> Customer journey templates.
  2. choose New on the command bar.
  3. Set up the template and make all the settings just as you would want a standard customer journey.
  4. Save your template when you're done.

Identify the content settings to use in a customer journey

  1. Go to Marketing> Marketing Execution> Customer Journeys.
  2. Find your journey in the list, or select New in the command bar to create a new one.
  3. Go to the General page of the customer journey record.
  4. Use the Content Settings field to choose the Content Setting record that applies to the current journey.