Choose a default dashboard

  1. Display the dashboard that you want, and then click on Set as Default at the top of the screen.

Attach a document to a note or task

  1. Open the note or task.
  2. Click on Attach. (For tasks, look in the Notes section. You might have to scroll down to see the Attach button.)
  3. Browse through and then click on the file that you want to attach. after the file is selected click on done.

Identify Common Data Service instances

  1. select the Instances tab in the Dynamics 365 admin center.
  2. Select an instance and then look for Common Data Service in the description details.

Change a chart

  1. On a dashboard, click the segment of the chart that you want to view as a different type of chart. For example, click a segment of a pie chart or a bar graph.
  2. select a different field to use for the calculations from the drop-down.

Billing and licensing

  1. Billing support.
  2. Billing FAQs for Dynamics 365 for the Customer Engagement apps (online).
  3. Volume licensing FAQ for Dynamics 365 for the Customer Engagement apps (online).

Create draft appointments synchronizing with Exchange

  1. Follow the instructions in this article to extract the tool.
  2. After extracting the tool enable the OrgDBOrgSettingAllowSaveAsDraftAppointment .

How to enable scheduling for an entity

  1. From the main menu, click Resources Scheduling -> Administration.
  2. Click on Enable Resource Scheduling for Entities.
  3. In the Setup Wizard - Enable Scheduling, click on Add Entity and then select the entity you wish to enable the scheduling.
  4. Click Booking Relationship and then select Create New Relationship.
  5. Click Requirement Relationship and select Create New Relationship. If you have already created relationships then you can select from an existing relationship.
  6. Click on Publish Customization.
  7. On the BOOKING SETUP METADATA: INFORMATION form, use the tooltips to edit the default opens. To update the Booking Status Field Logical Name, first, you need to customize the system to add additional statuses.
  8. Once you’re done, click on Save on the lower right corner.

What is Relevance Search?

  1. Improves performance with external indexing and Azure Search technology.
  2. Finds matches to any word in the search term in any field in the entity. Matches can include inflectional words like stream, streaming, or streamed.
  3. Returns results from all searchable entities in a single list sorted by relevance. The result is based on factors like number of words matched or their proximity to each other in the text.
  4. Highlights the matches in the result list.

Basic Navigation

  1. When you sign in, you’ll see the MyApps page with all your apps listed in it.
  2. Select Customer Service Hub.
  3. To access these sections, tap on the Menu button on the nav bar, and then choose the Favorites and Recent button.
  4. To pin an item as a favorite from the list of Recently Used items, tap the pin. This will pin and move the item to favorites.

Configuration failure scenarios and resolutions

  1. The contact created for unknown sender box should be checked.
  2. Set condition criteria to Any incoming email .
  3. Add action to create case then select View properties and set the case fields as per business use case.