Edit a LinkedIn lead matching strategy

  1. Go to Settings > LinkedIn Lead Gen > Lead Matching Strategies .
  2. select the matching strategy that you want to edit in the list,
  3. To add an additional LinkedIn field mapping record, select, Add and enter the name of the LinkedIn member field.
  4. To remove a LinkedIn field mapping record, select and Delete .

Default global toolbar

  1. Search.
  2. Create.
  3. Settings.
  4. Presence.

Manage SharePoint locations

  1. To open the location on the command bar, select Open Location, and then select the location.
  2. To edit the location on the command bar, select Edit Location> .
  3. The display name, parent site, and folder name are automatically populated. Enter details about the new location, and then click on Save.
  4. To add a location on the command bar, select Add Location. The Add Location dialog box appears.
  5. The display name, parent site, and folder name are automatically populated. Change the details if required and then click on Save.

Invoke a custom action from a workflow

  1. Go to Settings> Processes.
  2. On the Nav bar, choose New . Give the process a name and then choose the Workflow category. We have created a workflow that invokes the Approval Process and custom action whenever the manager’s approval is required for a discount over 20%. You can set the action’s input properties by choosing Set Properties. We added a name of the account related to the opportunity in the special notes. In the Form Assistant Look for choose Account in the first drop-down list. choose Account's Name in the second drop-down list, and then select OK. The Target property is required and it is populated by the system. The {Opportunity(Opportunity)} in the Target property is the same opportunity that the calling workflow is running on. Alternatively, you can choose a specific opportunity for the target property by using lookup.

Preview and publish a theme

  1. Either Create a new theme from scratch or clone an existing one.
  2. Preview the new theme by choosing Preview on the command bar. To exit the Preview mode, select Exit Preview on the command bar which is next to the Preview button.
  3. Publish a theme. click on Publish Theme on the command bar. The following screenshot shows the buttons on the command bar for preview and publishing.

Add an appointment

  1. Open the record in which you want to add the activity to.
  2. In the middle of the page, click on Activities> More Commands> Appointment.
  3. Fill in your information by using the handy tooltips as a guide.
  4. To save the record, click on Save .

Provide data access consent

  1. Go to Data access consent URL.
  2. Sign in using Global Tenant Admin credentials.
  3. Select the checkbox Consent on the behalf of your organization.
  4. Select Accept to grant data access consent.

Step two: Set up email

  1. Integrate (synchronize) your email system.

Create a team template

  1. Go to Settings> Security.
  2. Choose Access Team Templates.
  3. On the Actions toolbar, choose New, complete the required fields, and then choose Save.

Join a meeting

  1. Choose a meeting title in order to view the meeting details.