how to enable Full Screen Mode

  1. Click on the View icon in the menu bar.
  2. Select Show Resolved Comments. A tick will be shown next to the setting when this is enabled.
  3. To hide any resolved Comments, select the setting again to disable it.

Using the add-on

  1. Open your Figma file.
  2. Select the individual frame that you'd like to embed in JIRA.
  3. You'll notice the file URL is appended with ?node-id=XXXX.
  4. Paste this URL into the box and then click on Add Design.

SVG Specific Settings

  1. Include "id" attribute will add an "id" tag to the metadata that is included in the SVG file. This will allow it to be used directly within a website or with the other digital designs.

Line Height

  1. We can now calculate the Line height and percentages based on the Font Size. We then calculate this based on the font's default Line height.
  2. We also addressed some issues related to Line Height via an update in text rendering. You can also update the existing Text layers so that they use the new rendering.

Reset all Overrides

  1. Select the Instance in the canvas. You want to make sure that you've selected the entire Instance and not a layer within the it.
  2. You can reset the Instance from a number of places: From the Options menu in the toolbar. click on the Reset instance icon: Right-click on the Instance to open the Context menu. choose Reset Instance:
  3. Choose the Reset instance icon from the Options menu in the toolbar.
  4. Right-click on the Instance to open the Context menu. choose Reset Instance:
  5. The Instance will then reset to match the properties of the Master Component.

How to restore the Previous Version of my design

  1. Go to the File Browser.
  2. Use following shortcuts to access the hidden version history menu: For Windows: [Alt] + [Shift] + Right-Click on the affected File. Or [Alt] + [Shift] + Click on the three ellipses menu. For Mac: [Option] + [Shift] + Right-Click on the affected File. Or, use [Option] + [Shift] + Click on the three ellipses menu.
  3. Select Restore from version from the options you see. Then select the version you want to restore.
  4. Click on Restore to open the required version.

How to change payment details

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, click the Change payment source link.
  2. Enter the new payment method details such as credit card in the form provided
  3. Click on Use this card to update payment information.

Can I Copy or Move Styles and Master Components to other Files?

  1. Click on the Style in the Properties Panel.
  2. This will open the Styles panel. Click on the Edit icon to view the Style in more detail.
  3. Select Move Master Style into this File from the options.

Removing Styles

  1. Locate the Style in the Properties Panel.
  2. Right-click on the Style's name and click on Delete Style from the options.
  3. Repeat for any other Styles you want to remove.
  4. Publish the changes in your Team Library.

Adding Custom Attributes

  1. Email:
  2. First Name:
  3. Last Name:
  4. Name ID:
  5. SCIM Username:
  6. Title:
  7. Manager:
  8. Department: